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Someday Chromium(VI) Oxide, aka Chromium Trioxide, may have its very own article, but for now I've added it to the Chromic acid article, which this web page redirects to. I think I would even prefer a Chromium(VI) Oxide article with its very own Table of Properties and maybe put the chromic and dichromic acid discussion in there. I'm not sure that there is that much to say about chromic/dichromic acids. However, there are separate articles on Chromate(incuding dichromate) and Potassium dichromate. The chromic/dichromic acids discussion could go into the Chromate article, which I would love to rename Chromate and Dichromate with redirects from Chromate and Dichromate to it. H Padleckas 22:34, 22 May 2005 (UTC)Reply[reply]